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  • Semester Awards for grades 3-5- Letter grades for all subjects are included on the 2nd and 4th grade report cards.  On the following days students and parents who have earned Honor Roll or Principal Honor Roll are invited to attend a morning recognition with William A. Diggs Administration.  Parents/guests will arrive at 8:00, park in the bus lot, and enter directly into the gym.
    • Grade 3, February 7 @ 8:15
    • Grade 4, February 9 @ 8:15
    • Grade 5, February 10 @ 8:15
  • Bus information- Several late buses have impacted dismissal flow and late communication to us has posed issues recently as it pertains to daily transportation.  Communication will be sent to parents upon us receiving it from transportation.  Please note that the updates can also be located on twitter at @ccpsBuses.  E-mail contact for our main office secretaries are listed below, all transportation changes and communication are recommended to be sent to them.  We request changes are made by parents prior to 12:00pm each day.  If last minute changes need to occur please e-mail to our front office as well as a confirmation phone call is highly recommended.